Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still Going On

There has been a lag in posting on this blog, so I am just here to assure our visitors that our group (which we have decided to call the Long Island, or LI, Action and Awareness Group) is still going on. We have been starting up again in recent weeks and meet once a week to discuss issues of injustice around the world and right here in our back yard.

A couple of Saturdays ago we attended a New York City Urban Project Feed 500 event where we went out into the city and learned how to engage with people who were homeless. It was quite a learning experience, noticing people around the city who were homeless and seeing if they would like a sandwich and some conversation, prayer, and/or resources.

Then there was a screening of the Do the Math movie last week which discusses the necessity to press legislators about climate change policies while also raising awareness and increasing advocacy among people. The movie is available online if you click the link above and it is about 45 minutes long so watch it and pass the link on to a friend.

Today, we attended a Price of Life Campaign event in NYC called "Let My People Go". The topic was human trafficking, which included trafficking for sexual exploitation as well as forced labor. Another informative and learning experience which definitely needs increased advocacy and awareness among the church community and communities in general. For more information on The Price of Life Campaign, click here.

And finally, our group is on Facebook ; click LI Action & Awareness Group on Facebook to join us.